Modifying report "Aged Accounts Receivable"

Hello there: I am trying to modify the report “Aged Accounts Receivable”, because I need to add a new filter to it, the field that wil be used like a new filter is not present in Customer or Cust. Ledger Enty, the field is located in another table created by me. I tried to add a new DataItem in the report, but the result was not good. [8)], because the total values in the reports were not showed properly. Bassically, I tried to insert a new dataitem between Customer and Cust. Ledger Entry. In other hand, I tried to create a flowfield in the table Cust. Ledger Entry and to link this field with my table, but I got a message error “I cannot add new fields in this table.” Somebody knows a way to modify this report ? Thanks in advance.

Did you use Developers license to modify the Table? Naveen Jain


Since your license is correct, I would look to see if (a) your User ID is assigned to the SUPER role, or (b) You are adding a new field outside the allowed range (50,000 - 99,999). Although I am fairly sure that this is a different message.