Modifying an existing report

I am new to Dyn NAV, brand new and have been tasked with modifying a report (we are on 4.0 SP3). My plan is to take the existing report, export it, rename it, import it, and modify it. The plan hasn’t worked so well. I exported it (.fob) imported it, but cannot find it to modify. Is there any concise doc out there that can instruct me how to modify a Report Object? Thanks

I see a previous post where View/Sections displays the report in layout form (excellent), but I’d prefer not to mess with the production version.

Just design the report and do a File → Save As. You’ll have to save it to an object ID your license has permission for, usually something between 50,000 and 50,099.

Open the existing report in Designer and Go to File–>Save as and save the report to new object id.

Afterwards open the section designer of new report and modify according to you requirement.

Hope this will help you.

You have to modify Name also along with ID…

Right, excellent, thank you. Save As and assigning a new ID works. Now I must find doc on how to add a text box.

I suggest you download and printout the Application Designers Guide.
It has a whole section about reports.
It can be found here:
listed as w1w1adg.pdf

Am I correct in assuming the best practice would be, since this text would be common to all Purchase Orders, that a record (containing the actual text) would be added to a table?

Found it, Object Designer, Report, select report, Design, View Sections, Tools, add Lable, add text - Caption.