Modifying a word document using com

I am trying to replace the text of a bookmark in Microsoft word. The code I have so far is static void CSA_WordTest(Args _args) { COM wordApplication; COM wordDocuments; COM wordDocument; COM wordRange; COM wordBookmarks; COM wordBookmark; ; wordApplication = new COM(“word.application”); wordApplication.visible(true); wordDocuments = wordApplication.Documents(); wordDocument = wordDocuments.Add(“c:\Axapta COM Document1.doc”); wordBookmarks = wordDocument.Bookmarks(); wordRange = wordDocument.range(); wordBookmark = wordBookmarks.item(“LastName”); I am not sure how or where to go from there, or if what I have done so far is even correct. Any help is greatly appreciated -Brian

Hi Brian, You are almost there [:)] Your code should be something like this - wordBookmark = wordBookmarks.item("LastName"); wordRange = wordDocument.range(); wordRange.insertAfter('TESTING BOOK MARK'); For example, you can refer to classes like DocuActionCOM_Word, DocuActionTrans etc. Hope this helps, Harish Mohanbabu