Modify the system generated description field when doing the "suggest vendor payment"

Hi Good day,

I would like to ask if anyone can help me how to modify the system generated description field when using the “suggest vendor payment” button. The system automatically create a description “payment to vendor number code”.

Is it possible that the system will suggest the vendor name (description) instead of vendor number code. Please help me how to do that.

I appreciate in advance your assistance.



Hi Judy,

You will need to modify report 393 Suggest Vendor Payment. In the MakeGenJnlLines function look for where the Description is set and set it to the vendor name.

wow, thanks for that very quick reply. but i’m really a beginner and doesn’t know where to start and look for report 393? is that a table? should i go to designer or administration. Sorry ):

Hi Judy,

This is in the object designer. I would recommend that you get an experienced user and/or your partner involved as this report is posting to a table and not just a cosmetic change. The change is quite straightforward so would not take long.

Hi Dave,

I really appreciate your thoughts, i already found the report using object designer. then I click the design button but still remain unresolve (sigh). there’s no experienced user in our group since we are all new. Sorry to say that, if you can help me in detail on how to do it, i would really appreciate it.

If not, i understand. I probably will not use that function and just call the vendor one by one.



You should contact your current partner to make that change. It’s easy change that’s avoids modifying current report.

This is a fairly easy task for a NAV developer, but it’s all done in C/AL code. If you don’t have any experience modifying computer code, I would not advise you to tinker with it, not unless you intend to work with this a lot. If you are planning to write code for a living in one way or another, I’d suggest you get a copy of Dave Studebaker’s book. Go to the home page, and there’s a link to it, the book is called “Programming Microsoft Dynamics NAV”.

Tell us a little bit about your ability to write code, so we can estimate how detailed the instructions need to be.

Hi! thanks.

Yes, I dont have any experience modifying computer code. I’m a CPA by profession and newbies in business application. But again, thanks for the input.

Sorry for late reply :slight_smile: