Modify Date field with report

I would like to modify a field fDatCreationDate in table 18 Customer by using a report (Editable property in this field is ‘No’, and I would like to keep it that way). The value I would like to enter for selected Customers is 01-01-01. How could I achieve this? I tried the following in the OnAfterGetRecord of a report, but that’s obviously incorrect: Customer.fDatCreation := ‘01-01-01’; MODIFY

Hi Michiel You could try this Customer.fDatCreation := 010101D; Customer.MODIFY ;

You could use DMY2DATE to create a DATE: “Last Date Modified” := DMY2DATE(1,1,2001); MODIFY; Incidentally, you don’t need to create a record variable - you can just use the report dataitem to modify the table. I didn’t know that before. And don’t try DMY2DATE(1,1,1) because that’s 01-01-0001, which Navision won’t even accept.

Great! I tried Steve’s solution and it works just fine. Thanks guys.