Modify contact record with code

Hello I’m still a NAV-enduser-newbie, so forgive me if this is a really stupid question :slight_smile: I have an extra CustNo.-field on my Contacts-form. I want to take the value of the standard No.-field and put that in the CustNo.-field, but only after the menu-option Create As Customer was executed. I try it this way: CreateCustomer(ChooseCustomerTemplate); (= standard Nav) CustNo := “No.”; MODIFY; I receive the error that 'another user has modified the record for this contact". What am I doing wrong ? I’m running it myself, there’s no other user involved ? Thanks

Seems to me it should work. Here it works. Maybe in the function “CreateCustomer(ChooseCustomerTemplate)” the contact is modified? What are you trying to achieve with CustNo? You’ll have two fields with the same information in 1 table?

which trigger is this code in? at first guess, you might havve to do another get of the record, or move the code to a difernet trigger.