Modify call to SysAddFieldForm from ListPage filter bar drop-down list

Hi everybody,

I have a question regarding the ‘More…’ option of a filter on a list.

I have a list form. It is not a list page but it uses several list grids (on various tab pages). The form has 3 tab pages. On each tab page there is a (list) grid. One complex query is assigned as the primary form data source of the form, but the indivdual grids of the form use different data sources in the query.

The form has the form template = None but in the form’s design the style and window type are set as follows:

  • Style=ListPage

  • WindowType=ContentPage



So, the form template is None but the form design style is ListPage.

By this I get a filter bar above each list /grid displayed automatically by the system: I don’t have to define it explicitely and I haven’t defined any filter group in the design.


Concerning the listing and filtering of data in the list grids on each of the tab pages everything works fine.

So far, so good.

In the combo box of the filter field, there is an option ‘More…’ at the end of the drop-down list.

When I click the ‘More…’ option, the class SysFieldManager is invoked and the SysAddFieldForm is opened (via several intermediate steps) where I can choose from the data sources field list and add any field a additional column to the grid.

Now I would like to know how to intervene the process of calling SysAddFieldForm after clicking the ‘More…’ option.

I’d like to use a custom form instead of SysAddFieldForm and don’t want to customize SysAddFieldForm itself.

Instead, I prefer to reroute the call of SysAddFieldForm to another form, i.e. my custom form.

However, I was not able to find out how to do this. I couldn’t discover from where the final call to SysAddFieldForm is made.

Since there is no explicit Filter group in the form’s design there is no way to dig around there…

Using the debugger I was only able to explore that there is a call hierarchy from


→ …

→ \Classes\SysSetupFormRun\new

The method formRunClass() of ClassFactory is invoked with the argument Name=SysAddFieldForm.

But I’m not able to look higher in the calling hierarchy. Im unable to determine “who” calls the formRunClass() method with this argument.

So I’m missing the final link from the ‘More…’ option on that drop-down list of the filter bar to this call of formRunClass() method.

Searching the AOT (classes, forms, menu items) for the keyword ‘SysAddFielForm’ (by use of MorphX ‘Find…’ function) did not yield any useful results… Not even searching for where the ‘More…’ label is used gave any hint.

Any suggestions how to replace the call of SysAddFieldForm with a call to my own form? Where to step in?

I appreciate your help, many thanks in advance.

Kind regards,