Modify/Add NavPanel with new MS Dynamics 4.0

Trying to add menu items to main nav panel in DX -Axapta 4.0

Buttons :
General Ledger

In AX 3.0 you could add custom buttons to this menu to go to additional custom reports…etc.

how do you do this witht he new interface??

thanks in advance

I am not sure about adding a custom navigation category or node, but I do know you can put links in the ‘My Favorites’ panel (View → Favorites Pane) to ease navigation down to custom reports and such.

Again, I am not sure thats what your looking for, but it seems to be a handy feature for those who need specific links on a top level nav area.


Hmm …

its the same functionality as in 3.0.

Just create a new submenu in the mainmenu, restart axapta an you see it …