Modify a recorded invoice

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It’s possible to modify a recorded invoice ??

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Raise a credit memo and re-issue a new invoice. “Altering” a posted invoice is frowned upon by most governments. [:D]

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OK, but if I don’t have posted my invoice ?? I don’t ran the GL Book…

Declaring your income tax wrong if frowned as well. And a lot of people do it.

What I want to say, some people could actually modify a posted invoice. You need a “special” license for that. That actually raises a question: Why I can delete a posted (and printed) invoice in Navision? OK - you just delete the invoice. Not the generated G/L entries. You should still have the printout on the paper.

However, it you just have to “adjust” a cost center, I see no reason why not to modify (“adjust”) the posted invoice and, of course, all related entries.

Why stop at cheating taxes? There are a lot of people that kill and steal and get away with it. (No relation to this post, but just making a point)

Nonetheless, Navision is designed so it follows the “Best Business Practice”. In BBP, it’s not okay to edit a posted transaction. Just as it’s not okay to invoice a customer before you ship them the product.

You can do anything you want with a “special” license, but I believe NAV developer should be held accountable and excercise discretion when recommending (or programming) something that’s outside of BBP.

Exactly. See it like a “double zero”; like the license to kill. If you need to, you are allowed to do so. AND you are full responsible for what you have done.

Sorry but what product is this? If you have not posted the invoice to the ledgers I would guess it is possible to alter, it just depends what you are trying to alter!


If I have recorded an invoice, and after a check I have to modify it , for example the VAT type, or some amount (we suppose i’m wrong to insert it) , and all before to ran the GL BOOK .

I think it’s humane to mistake something and to correct before to print the GL Book…

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can you please tell us which product you are using (Steve asked you as well)? The answers you got till now are related to MBS Navision and/or Axapta. “Recorded” (posted) invoices are also recordet in the G/L, VAT-ledger and/or item-ledger.


I’m using Microsoft Business Solution version 4.0 SP2.

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My guess is that you really mean that you are running Dynamics NAV 4.00 SP2. Is this correct?

As to “recorded”, there really is no such thing as recorded in Navision, so I would assume that you translated this form some other word or concept. Can you explain what you mean by recorded? Do you mean maybe entered, or posted ?

Hi David,

Yes I’m using Dynamics NAV 4.00 SP2.

When I say “recorded” I mean “Posted”… sorry for my little english.

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Or Released…

Releasing the invoice is the only way I know of (using standard NAV), that can “freeze” an invoice that is not posted.

I this is the issue, then the invoice can be reopened by pressing Function → Reopen

If its posted, then the only way is to create a credit memo, and post a new invoice.

what’s the difference between create credit memo and Return Order?

Order => Invoice

Return Order => credit memo

I hope this is clear enough? [:)]

A credit memo is a single transaction, you post it and it flows through stock and/or financial transactions. The return memo allows the stock to be brought in and handled/analysed, but the credit memo can then be raised by invoicing the return order. This allows the separation of stock and credits, rather than the all in one handling by using the credit memo.

A credit memo is if you want to credit the customer directly, you do not have the option of doing a receipt then an invoice. A return order involves receipt, then invoice, basically, a 2 step process.