ModifiedField method in VendTable for Blocked field

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I add code in modifiedField method in VendTable table for Blocked field and I wonder why my breakpoint twice trigger when I do debug but in other field is only one… it trigger the break point when I modify the filed blocked and this is normal but when I save it the breakpoint is trigger again. is there anyone know this problem please advice I am using AX 2009 thanks in advance.

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That is the default behavior of the comboBoxControl, you can see the call stack and identify the difference.

  1. selectionChange() will trigger the modified method

  2. leave() will trigger the modified method

What issue you have with this?

Thanks Kranti to your reply, hhmm… so that’s why… I am just wondering because I add code sample infolog message in modifiedfield, expecting that the info message will appear only when that field is modified but since it is also trigger in save event the user is irritated. actually I did already a work around to bypass the modifiedfield when event is not modifiedfied of blocked field so the infolog will appear once. Thanks anyway to your info Kranthi this is noted.

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