modified objects list

how can we get the list of modified tables or forms list programmatically or any other way?

Thanks in advance

you can use developer’s toolkit ti achive that

One way: Create a form or a report and use table 2000000001 (“Object”, not shown in Object Designer/Table) as source. This table contains all objects. Find all objects in ID-area 50000…99999 and modified objects.

If you intend to scan the code finding mods compared to a standard version you have to use Developers Toolkit. Or manually scan and compare object by object, some 3-4000 [|-)]

Another way is to compare the object-dates and -times in the in the customers version to a standard version. You cannot relay on the BLOB-sizes as a compilation from within an object doeas not result in the same size as a compilation made on the Object Designer (F11).