Modified Methods (AX 2012)


Is there any difference between modified field method and modified field value method ?

Both methods are triggered when a field value is modified, but modfiedFieldValue can be more specifically used when you have to do something when modifed a particular array indexValue

Say you have table “NTest” and field “NTestField”

“NTestFIeld” is an array with two elements then in this case if you want to do something when a value at particular index is changed in this case you can use modifiedFiedValue. Technically this can also be handled in “modifiedField” but the method “modifiedField” is provided just to separate logic in case of array fields. Hope this helps

The main difference is the code in the modifiedFieldValue doesn’t execute in batch (CIL) which is different from the modifiedField method. This method is executed on the client, server and the batch.