Modifications to Invoice Report 206

Hi, I am trying to make a modification to the standard sales invoice report numbered 206, so that serial number information is detailed beneath each item sold. So for example if an invoice details quantity 2 I would expect to see beneath this two serial numbers. I can’t see how this could be done using dataitems as the ValueEntryRelation filtered uses a concatenantion of sales invoice line data. I have listed below suitable code but would be grateful of help. // Used when calling Item Tracking from invoiced documents: ValueEntryRelation.SETCURRENTKEY(“Source RowId”); ValueEntryRelation.SETRANGE(“Source RowId”,RowID1); IF ValueEntryRelation.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN REPEAT ValueEntry.GET(ValueEntryRelation.“Value Entry No.”); ItemLedgEntry.GET(ValueEntry.“Item Ledger Entry No.”); Serial[J] := ItemLedgEntry.“Serial No.”; UNTIL ValueEntryRelation.NEXT = 0; END;

It used to be easy when we had table “Sales Invoice Tracking Line” but now you should call up probably ItemTrackingManagement codeunit to get the lines or you could use the relation between item ledger and sales inv. line Field Reference Field Document No. Document No. Item No. No. Source No. Line No. Location Code Location Code and go from there - this is probably easier. Tõnu

Hi Have a look at this thread