Modifications for UK,France and Nederland ?

Hi everybody, for a prospect, I must known how many modifications UK, France, Germany and Nederland have made in Navision Attain 3.00 (or 3.01). Can someone from this country send me the new objects (range between 10000 and 49999) from his country-based version. I want to check the modifications between a Belgium version and the 4 other, to know how many fysical databases we must have. Thanks in advance, Greetings Nico (please send to

Dear Nico, I could send you the object from Singapore. (just joking, but if you want…). I think you can not even read these objects range with your developer license. If your license is already configured by your NTR I think you should ask them for the localised versions. Regards Walter

Your NTR can give You change log’s for each country //Lars

When you have an international prospect, you should contact IKA (International Key Account) at Navision HQ (through your own NTR, of course). They can provide you with all kinds of assistance in this type of projects. Lars Strøm Valsted Head of Project and Analysis Columbus IT Partner A/S Edited by - lstroem on 2001 Nov 25 09:20:31