modification of footer in standard report?

Hi guys,

Can i change the functionality of footer in standard report?

EX: m doing changes in quotation report, in footer level sales balance,round off,total balance,total tax are there.its showing exactly at the end of report, but i want to show that after the transaction detail of items.not at the end

if report contain 1 item trns after that the footer should come in standard report.

Yes you can. What problem you are facing in doing so?

m doing changes in standard sales quotation report. I want to show the footer part which contain sales balance,rndoff,total balance little bit upper position

i want to add some more things after i have tried with some property of that footer but unable to move it how will i do it?

As these values are present in page footer they will be displayed at the End.

So add a new footer to the Section Group - CustQuotationJour - and move the fields from page footer(Totals) to the newly created footer…