Moderator Welcome


For those of you unfamiliar with this area on our dear departed site I am Steve and happy to be your moderator for this forum still in this brand spanking new site. I am unsure if my colleague Valentin is joining me in this forum, but if he is he welcomes you as well [:D]

I will do my best to answer all of your questions on the black magic area of Navisions Supply Chain Management, but please describe in as much detail your issue, problem or processing steps. If you could also state the version of Navision you are running, and in which country it also helps! I would also appreciate politeness wherever possible.

Other than that just post away, no question is too silly not to be asked. Have fun. [<:o)]

Hi Steven

I am from people very happy to have you as moderator .

I just want to say , id you could please have a look in post here with “have this case passed on your experience” , it’ very important to me … if it’s complicated or not clear … just give me any comment you want to write in another way or in better way

Thank you for all you help in this site which makes me take a hard decision in manufacturing and warehousing

We are lucky to have you as moderator in this domain .

Hi Steven,

Happy to have you again.

Dynamics is rocking again!!!