Moderator announcement (April 1st)

Dear DUG users and colleague admins & moderators!

Soon it will be10 years since I joined DUG, in the beginning as user, now many years as moderator. DUG is by no means a cool resource, I have learned much myself and tried my best to help with advices - not always truthful [;)] - to others.

As you all know, DUG is run & maintained by volunteers, and up to now we have got along well without any remuneration. But it’s hard time now, different crisis hit us from time to time, starting with global financial and up to poor papaya crops in Antarctics for several last years, that have lead to significant decrease of dwarf penguins population in the neighboring Madagascar.

That said, I can’t continue to offer my services free of charge. From April 1st, I’ll charge 0.0001 Bitcoin for answer like “Hello”, 0.001 Bitcoin for longer, but useless answer, and normal answers will have a negotiable price.

Will you be using NAV for invoicing us? :smiley:

Congrats for the 10 years :slight_smile:

oops this will be 0.0001 :))

Unintentionally, I checked the Starting Date of the new price list. Turned out, that at midnight, April 2, it voluntarily changed to 1753/01/01 00:00:00.000…

Therefore, you do not need to worry about your Bitcoin (and other) accounts - our forum is still here & free of charge :slight_smile:

PS As this is an enduser forum I should explain what techies of course know - 1753/Jan/1 is the SQL value for empty date…