Mixed invoice lines at mass printing?

Hallo with success we have made our own invoice based on a copy of the al-file from report 1306.

We just have a single issue. If selected our own report under Report Selection – Sales its functionality is okay until we use it to mass printing from Posted sales invoice , then the invoice lines from all the selected invoices are mixed? Please do you know the issue?


Not sure if you used Word or RDLC tools to modify your Invoice report. Did you make changes that distorted the size/length or added a field that breaks pagination and filtering? If you did not try Word or RDLC custom layout you might try those simple tools.


Are you trying to “Batch Post\Print” or only print already posted invoices? If only print, why do you need a custom report? Doesn’t setting the appropriate filters on the standard report print the desired invoices?

“Report Selection” does not provide for batch printing. That only supports printing of specific individual documents. EasyPDF is one example of an ISV that provides batch printing ability.

I forgot to mention, Steve raises a good question here. Also check your AL code. This sounds like you may have mixed up your “DataItemLinkReference” settings.