Missing T2000000001 at Runtime upgrade W3.1 to 3.6

Hey I’m Navision Supporter in a Company with 7 companies and a 25 GB SQL Database W3.10 and I want to Runtime upgrade the client to W3.60. I have a SQL backup database on a SQL 2000 server and open the database with the client W3.60 and then get the message TableData 2000000001 does not exist. What is Table 2000000001? We have previously done a Runtime upgrade test with success, but we have upgraded Payment Mgr vers. from 1.04 to 2.01 and our MBSC has done other implementation, and therefore we want to perform another test. Can anybody help me? Best regards, Per Holst

This is the Object table. This often happens if the Object table name in the .stx file has been changed from one version to another during localisation. (e.g. from Object to Objekt or vice-versa). Check for the name of the Object table in your SQL database using Enterprise Manager. Then ensure that the name is the same in the ‘identifiers’ field of the ‘$ndo$dbproperty’ table in the database - you can edit this field using EM. You will see in this field that the name follows the table ID: …2000000001=Object… so this name must match the actual table name in the database.

Hi Robert Cinkaid, I must say your advice helped, I changed to Objekt in ‘$ndo$dbproperty’ I’m now trying to login into the database, and get this warning: “The Object table has a primary key constraint in the SQL Server table description that is not compatible with the Microsoft Navision Attain definition: Key fields: Type,Company Name,ID SQL primary key fields: Type,Regnskabsnavn,ID” Regnskabsnavn translated to English = Company Name Any ideas how to solve this warning, due to the fact, that I’m still not able to open the converted W3.60 database? Thanks again and all the best, Per Holst

Hi Per, Same table, same field (I would guess). Later in the same string the table-fields are descriped, and they as well have to match the actual object. regards, Alexander

Hi Alexander, Thanks! In the string I changed “Company Name” to “Regnskabsnavn”, but I still got the same warning. Any ideas why?? Again thanks a lot, Per

Hi Per, Locate the Object/Objekt table in the EM. Check if this corresponds to what you wrote in ‘$ndo$dbproperty’. Locate the fin.stx-file (in the program-library). Open in Notepad, search for ‘// DB Object Table’ (Description of the expected object-table). Check that what is descriped here corresponds to what you found in EM. The fin.stx-file has to correspond to the actual object as well. Alexander

It is not a fields name problem - that would give a different error. In that case check the table description in EM by designing it. Ensure that there is a primary key on the Object table and it is comprised of the fields mentioned. Also check that it is this key that is Clustered (there should be a check box indicating that) and not the secondary key in that table that is clustered.

Dear Alexander and Robert [:)] I’m so happy now [:D] You good advices and help have succeed now and I’m you soo thanksfull. In the end we followed Robert’ advice to rename the table ‘Objekt’ to ‘Object’ and the field names in the ‘Object’ table and the string in ‘Identifiers’ field in ‘$ndo$dbproperty’ table. Now I’m able to access the restored SQL database of 25 GB with Attain W1 3.60 client after it has been Runtime upgraded from Attain W1 3.10. You are absolutly a great help for users as me in this Usergroup. I’ll wish you all the best. Br., Per Holst