Missing one of "Transfer order transactions" in "Net Requirements" form.(AX 2012)

I have one issue about Net requirement results in Master scheduling.

I ran Master scheduling and then I could find only one transaction of “Transfer order transactions” in “Net requirements” view.
(I can find only “Transfer order shipment” transaction but not find “Transfer order received”. Of course, Transfer order is not posted about shipment futher receive.)

(And I didnot check “Coverage by dimensions” in storage dimension gorup form related any dimensions.)

Please help me~~~

In the net requirements screen in the top half you have the site/warehouse combination - the receipt and issue are at different locations, so to find the other side of the transfer order you need to be on the appropriate warehouse.

Thiank you for your answer. But I did not check “coverage by dimension” of warehouse in storage dimension group. And if i run master scheduling again in net requirement, i can find other transaction of transfer order.(two transaction (receipt & issue) appear in net requirement list) So i guess AX have two logic of Master scheduling between “master scheduling” and “master scheduling in Net requirement”.

It should not deal with only half of a transfer order, so I would suggest it is something else, but I cannot replicate it.