Missing Lot Number and Receive Date in Sales Order


When we go into a sales order, select an item to sell and then we go to item tracking to choose lot numbers. When we hit the arrow button next to the lot number space, it will pull up a new menu with all of the lot numbers currently available for that item type.


When we go to choose a lot number, we show that there is a quantity available for PRODUCT-10 that has no lot number and no receive date. This lot number shows up on item tracing and is also included in both the purchase order receipt and invoice. (PO01-000001, Receipt: PR01-00100).

How is it possible that the lot number tracing is available in all the Purchase order documentation but did not make it into the lot number table that generates inside the sales order? What can we do to fix this? It’s quite a bit of product and we need to be able to sell it soon but we must have the receive date and lot number correct.