Missing items in phy. inventory journal

Some items are not appearing in phy. inventory journal, but when we run calculate inventory for these missing items individually it calculates inventory journal in nav 2009 r2.

Then your are filtering on teh physical inventory journal is excluding them. What parameters are you using on the select criteria? Has there ever been a transaction (it will not bring these in as inventory must be 0 - from memory under set circumstances.)

Is those item having inventory ???

Their is no filter being used and their is an option to bring items with ZERO stock the Zero Stock items are comming.

Please note that out of 50000+ the Physical Inventory Journal is generating Jouranl for for 40000 items.

The issue is not bring some items but when we try to generate Phy. Inventory for missing items individualy it generates.

Please refarin from nasty comments if you dont want to help thats fine we are mature enough to understand how filtering works.

Their is option to bring items with ZERO Inventory teh ZERO Stock Items are comming.

have you tried to combine one missing item with the other item which are coming when missing item are not coming.

Yes we tried combination of missing items it comes in the Journal while selecting Item nos.

You understand this is a contradictory statement as you are filtering on the option to bring zero in stock. [:D]

I beleive there is code in the system to prevent the inclusion of items that have never had a transaction on a full run, but that this code is skipped on a filtered run - ask a developer to look at it and explain the code to you.

It was not a nasty comment - there is a vast level of abilities in this forum and if the original question does not contain the information it is wise to ask it at the basic level first so you do not miss the obvious. If you want to avoid these sort of questions then your original post needs to include your settings and what you have done.

Those who tried to assist thankyou very much we managed to resolve the issue.

Would you care to share the resolution so future people can search and find the answer? It would be useful.

Thank you.