Missing InventTrans & InventTransOrigin records in AX2012 CU5.

Hi all,

Very rarely we have noticed that salesLines are created but no corresponding InventTrans & InventTransOrigin records are created.

Things we know:

  • The items are stocked.

  • No customization around InventUpd_Estimated, InventUpdate, SalesLineType.

Subsequently simply deleting the line and recreating the line fixes the issue, but this is not ideal. I have scoured the web for solutions but can’t seem to find anything that suggests the cause of the issue.

Creating an estimated inventTrans is a basic scenario, i don’t think there will any bugs in that area. Unless there is some change to standard that is stopping to create it.

Were you able to reproduce it(If so you can debug). What is the difference between the sales line/ order with and without inventTrans.

Is the sales line entered manually or created from any other source?

I am not able to recreate it as it is random and happens very rarely. Like I said, deleting the SalesLine and recreating it, subsequently creates the InventTrans and inventTransOrigin records.

The order is manual.

Have you tried to find any difference between the records that create the inventTrans and that don’t?

Your question may not answered directly, unless someone really seen a similar issue.

I have looked and I can not see any differences.

From what I gather from previous post and blogs, alot of people have had this issue, but no one can really pin point the cause.

In such case you can raise this issue to Microsoft, but i hope they still need the steps to reproduce it.