missing InstallDashboard.js

hello. Windows 2000® File System Sample Digital Dashboard installation was successful, but i can’t find “InstallDashboard.js” file in Factory?? where i could find this file? thank you

Hi … InstallDashboard.js should be in the Factory directory. You should be able to copy it from the product CD to the Factory dir. But since it isn´t there, maybe something has gone wrong with the installation and this will not do the trick. With best regards, Guðlaugur Ingi

Hi, I am also facing the same problem. While installing the digital dashboard Nortan anti virus showing something malfunction script error. I think there is some problem with installation.

Hi, I was also facing the same problem, but ultimately got the solution. There was the problem with windows installer. Kindly download the new windows installer and install it. I hope it would server your purpose.