Missing Dims in Journal Line Dim Table

We are running NAV 5.0 sp1 and are having issues with our Recurring Journal dimensions not remaining after the journal has been posted. Therefore the dimensions need to be re-entered every month. The scenario is we will enter the dimensions and post the recurring journal, the dims remain in the Journal Line Dim table but at some point during the month the dims get deleted.

I was wondering if anyone else came across this problem??



Hi Kevin and welcome to forum!

What I’ve seen is - if you fill the Journal (not only Recurring, others, too) by COPY/PASTE existing whole Line to speed up almost similar lines entry, Dims are copied in Line table corresponding fields, BUT not added to Journal Line Dimension table. (bad news is, that it is not consistent behaviour - SOMETIMES JLD’s are updated).

Knowing that only 2 GlobalDims physically sit in Lines / Ledger tables, I can’t understand HOW the first posting (of Reccuring Jnl) doesn’t loose other Dim values, but for second and further posts these Dims are not present anymore.
So, with “normal” Journal you never get any idea that JLD table misses entries after such CopyPasting lines, as Journal lines are gone after posting - in opposite to Reccuring Jnl.

Hi Kevin,

I am also experiencing the same issue with one of my customers running on NAV 5.0 sp1. There is absolutely no consistency in why or when this is occuring. They have recurring journals setup to allocate and post Payroll Entries on a weekly basis and another recurring journal that allocates and posts Insurance Entries on a monthly basis. With the Payroll Recurring Journal being posted weekly, they can usually post about 3 weeks in a row without any dimensions errors (on average), and then the next time the user goes to post this journal, they receive the dimension errors. With the Insurance recurring journal, they usually receive the dimension errors each month. If you check the Journal Line Dimension table immediately after posting, the lines are still there (in all tests that I have done).

We have come up with so many different theories as to why this is happening, but each time we test a new theory out, it is never the case. This customer is running on a SQL server, they take Navision Backups nightly, and then backup their exchange server nightly. We revalidate the journal line dimensions and allocation line dimensions each time they disappear, however its hundreds of lines that need to be revalidated twice and its starting to get very frustrating. We have resorted to checking the Journal Line Dimension table and Allocation Line Dimension table every morning.

If you make any headway on a resolution for this issue, please let me know. And I will do the same.


We went through every customization we had and compared the JLD table before and after. We did finally figure out what was going on, in our case it was an invoice import that when it ran it cleared out the Journal Line Dimension table. We had our NAV group modify the code on the import and everything was fixed.

Good luck.