Missing Delivery Notes

Hi There,

I posted a purchase order(PO) and partially receipted the order.

When I post the tax invoice click on select delivery note, there is nothing there, yet if i do and Enquiry on the PO, I can see the delivery notes I receipted.

Does anyone know when they didny pull through to the 'select delivery note’ section of the form?



Are you sure it has not been invoiced? Also check your filters on the select. If you do an invoice from the PO it should show it anyway from memory

Yes im sure they have not been invoiced. I’ve also checked my filters and they do not appear.

I know what while I was busy in AX, the system kicked me out and when I went back in to try and invoice the delivery notes, but they where missing. its amlost as if something didn’t update in the tables and I need to go into the tables to resolve this… not sure