Missing/Deleted CUS layer class

I had a class in the CUS layer last night and i came in this morning and it is completely gone. its not in the AOT, its not in my project (it shows as a placeholder) and i can’t find it in the application object list. no one person has access to this ax env and i certainly didn’t delete my work so my questions are…

  1. where is it?

  2. can i get it back?

  3. any ideas on how this happened?

i have more information. I did find my missing class but it was named wrong; it was named after a class that was deleted a while ago because it was no longer needed in dev ( entire project was killed and code never left dev ). However, when i attempt to change the name on class i get this error:

An attempt to replace a class name in the source code failed.


Create a new class with the same code…