Missing "Apply Entries" in action pane - Bank Acc. Reconciliation

Hi there!
This post is my first one here after reading a lot of good stuff here!

I am running NAV 2009 R2 build 32012.0 and Role Tailored Client with a Swedish database.

In the Action Pane when creating a new Bank Account Reconciliation I am missing the button of “Apply Entries” that, according to my study material, should be right of the “Post and Print” button.

I checked under “Customize” but there is no option to add this button to the Action Pane; searched Help; searched here and Google; change language - nothing.

Any ideas?

Welcome to DUG…

It will be in Line Actions–>Line–>Apply Entries…

Thanks, mate! Feel great to be here! [:)]

Sadly, though, I do not find any Line Actions…

Under Actions/Functions there is Suggest Lines… but function is already present as a button in the Action Pane.

Searched for Line Actions and found stuff regarding IC transactions - not Reconciliation.

I am not sure where you are refering to…

Please find the attached screenshot (Example)

Thank you!

With a little hovering I found that yellow lightning bolt I’ve seen before, and yup - there it was!

Strange that they have moved it and not updated the material. Any idea why they took the button away, or do you have it, so I should check my installation?

Here is a picture of the view and the problem I was referring to

Thank you for brilliant help!


No, i Didnt have …may be no one now…