missing a value entry

There are a problem with a posted sale invoice. The invoice include two item A and B. After posting, I found the system didn’t create the value entry and the Item ledger entry of A. In the G/L entry, it also can’t be found. But the cost value entry and item ledger entry of B is created succefully. Though, the corrisponding posted shipment show the two item correctly. BTW, the VAT entry, cust. ledger entry and detailed cust. ledger entry are OK. how I can do? Looking forward to any help. Thanks!

Nobody meet with such a case? Any ideas?

No. Never seen this. Do You have any mods in codeunit 80, 22 or 12?

Check the Oustanding Quantity(Base), Oustanding Amount(Base) in the Sales Invoice Line Table for that invoice.It should not be zero.

To Rajesh, I check Table 113: sales invoice table but didn’t find the outstanding qty and amount (base) you mentioned. There are only quantity and quantity(base). For A and B, they are 10 pcs.(we sell 10 pcs A and 10 pcs B). I also find the Appl.-to Job entry field are different. A is 10,B is 0.(Item A just miss the value and cost entry) the other fields’ value are same. To Lars, yes, the consultant modified the codeunits, but the program has been running for nearly 2 years. It was the first time to meet such a case.