Mismatching Data...?

Hi All,

Data Mismatching in SalesLines of SalesOrders Screen

In SalesLine Table —> CreatedBy field have UserNames data ( this is original )

Eg : For SalesID : “SO - 1001” Created By : “Bobby” in Table Level

But i am seeing Different UserNames data in SalesTable Form – SalesLines Created By Field

Eg: For SalesID : “SO - 1001” Created By : " Suni" in Form Level

Both are the Users of SalesTable form.

Or else

Tell me how to edit the “CreatedBy” field

How come this happening…

Please Help me Out of this…

Thanks In Advance…[:)]

Hi Bobby,

Modifying system fields was already discussed in this forum. Please search for them.

But system fields such as created/modified by, created/modified date stamp are handled in kernel. Additionally you may also want to refer this - http://blog.equalized.be/2010/02/modifying_createddatetime/

I am locking this post as it is a double post.

Please continue discussion on this thread - http://dynamicsuser.net/forums/p/40341/206914.aspx#206914