Miscellaneous Charges??

Hi Guys !!

How to allocate a Miscellaneous Charges to Sales order/Purchase order automatically or manually?



Do you have a G/L Account designated for “Misc. Charges”? If so just add a line type : Account (G/L) - Enter the account No. - Qty 1 - Enter amount.

Hi Ullas,

Please find the link of old post of mine on Misc.Charges setup process:



Hi Sarathy,

I don’t this will help, unless Ullas posted in the NAV forums by a mistake. Your link is about AX.

Hi Erik,

I’m Sorry. I did not checked it.


Will these charges are going to load on Inventory ?

If yes then use Item charges

If no then define one G/L account and select it during SO or PO and put amount there.

Is this NAV or is it AX (as most of your previous posts) and just posted to the wrong forum?

Ullas, is this NAV or AX??

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