Misc Charges on Sales Quotation ?

Hi All,

Can anybody help …how to load Misc Charges on Sales Quotation.

Axapta is asking the linking with COA ledger…my understanding is that there should not be any link with COA as we are using Misc Charges on Sales Quotation.

We are using Misc Charges on Sales Invoice / Purchase Invoice and that is linked with COA ledgers.

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Rajesh,

Miscellaneous charges will require ledger account when you create it. It doesn’t matter where we use it.


Thanks Pranav,

Few more queries…

  1. there is no relation to any finance (COA ledgers) with Sales Quotation…

  2. Axpata is giving Misc Charges functionality on Sales Quotation…otherwise option was not there.

If we go as per your statement then can you pls suggest / guide how to handle in COA as these Misc charges will be under Expense head and how finance person will understand ?