misc. charges on PO


i am facing case and i couldn’t solve it…i have PO has many lines one of the lines the ordered quantity is 100 ,i registered 50 and give each 25 of them batch number ,now i want to add misc charges on this line just for the registered items and them posting invoice for the received.

i couldnt know how can i add charges only on the registered items not on the whole PO

your reply will be appreciated



Please see this blog , this would be beneficial for you for setting up your misc. charges on PO


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Varun Garg

dear varun,

i couldnt find what i need from this link.is there any available solution


You cannot do it on registered I believe, but basically if you read the manual and play you should find this. The auto with category pieces should post this at receipt but not registered would be my thought, but you would need to try it.

Dear Adam

i checked it i can do it to the registered but i cant do it for each registered batch number here is the problem and i need it to solve my problem.

your help is appreciated :slight_smile:


You need a different miscellaneous charge per batch? The only way to achieve this is to split the line and apply them individually, there is no configuration to set it by batch number alone.

ok see this case

PO has lines on of them with quantity 100,i received 50,i split it to 25 with batch number 1234 and the other 25 with batch number 1256,i registered the received items (50) and now i want to add misc charges on the batch number van i do this work around or i need customization to fit it

I do not believe it is possible to add the charge to a specific batch.

so thank you for your help i really appreciate it :slight_smile: