Misc. Charges assignment in Transfer Order

Hi All,

I have many depots located in different states.

Now there are so many inter depot transfers and for this transfer I am paying freight (Misc. Charges).

Now I want to trace that which fright bill is for which transfer order.!!

So can anyone help me how can I achieve this requirement.?!

P.S. I dont want to increase the cost of the inventory.!



Dear All,

Is it not possible to assign or link freight bills to specific transfer orders.?


AX experts,

Do I require to go for customization or some existing functionality can be used.??



Hi Jainal,

I have similar requirement. Can you please help me on this if you have more information. It will be very helpful if you can share me the code.


Manjunath Reddy

Hello Jainal

kindly check the below link for explanation for how this could be done in Ax 2012 R3


Hi Hossam, That is a good info.