Misc. Charges Assignment, AX 2009 / NAV 2009 comparison


In NAV Purchase and payable the Purchase item charges assignment functionality enables creating charges invoices, assigning them to multiple Purchase orders/ invoices/receptions and post directly to vendor accounts (charges vendors)

very useful when having charges common to multiple receptions.

In AX, what i am able to do is post the charges per invoice (with debit type item to affect the item cost), accumulate them in a G/L account, then to book the charges vendor invoice, i debit the G/L account and credit the supplier account in a JV.

which is a very time consuming matter.

is there other solutions in AX to do the same procedure?

if not, is there any add on solution that facilitates this process?


No there is no other way to my knowledge, assuming you are talking about miscellaneous charges in the text as well as the header. You can add a miscellaneous charge to an invoice and then apply it to a purchase invoice which I believe updates the costs and any associated cogs at the inventory close.