Misapplied Item Entries (Output applied to Output)

I have a situation where i need to revalue my inventory. When i use the Revaluation Journal > Calculate Inventory Value… I get a message indicating i need to run Adjust Cost Item Entries. Regardless of how many times I run Adjust Cost Item Entries, that message still appears. I’ve determined which entry the Revaluation Journal is stumbling on, but I’m not sure how to correct it. Here’s how it looks: I had a Production Order for One (1) Item X, Variant Code 123. Output was posted for the item, which causes consumption of all it’s components. Then, some genius decides to post negative output for the same item, same prod. order, which caused no consumption, just a negative output entry. As if that wasn’t bad enough, another genius decides to change the Quantity on the Prod. Order to Zero and then change it’s status to Finished. Now, i’m stuck with a mess. In the Item Application Entry table, the Positive output is listed as the Inbound Entry for the Negative output. The Reval Journal freaks out when this happens because it considers the outbound entry to be an error if it is anything other than Consumption. What can i do to get this fixed?? BTW: Navision Attain 3.60A, SQL Server

You are going to have to have your NSC modifity the Item Ledgers so that they will go through the adjust routine. There is no way to fix this without a developer’s license.