Mirroring on native server

Hi, Does anyone know of a way (application, server setup etc) to hold a ‘mirrored’ copy of a database on navision server for redundancy purposes. I.e, in case one goes down, processing can be continued from the copy on the server. Please bear in mind i am not a techie (as you may have guessed from the question) so simple answers would be the most useful. Thanks in advance for any help you could offer. John

Hi John. You should use Hotcopy for this purpose. You will find the program on the Navision CD and read-about in the Developer manual. In short this program copies the database file(s) to another drive (or another location) which you can open directly with Navision. Searching this great forum for Hotcopy will also give you info. Good luck.

Thanks for the help, it certainly got me looking in the right direction. I was really looking into the possiblity of something ‘real time’ so when information is written to the database, a copy is made instantly. Can this be done a) With hotcopy b) with other software or c)not at all? Any ideas\thoughts\suggestions very welcome.

Hello John, isn’t a RAID system with two sets of mirrored disks (RAID 0) what you are asking for? Maybe yuo already have it. Pelle

We are using WANSync Server from XOsoft. We have 50GB database and it works fine. This is real-time mirroring to a second server. If something happen with one server we need just to start Navision server on the second server. We did heavy testing before start using this software and it passed all tests.

Thanks for the help guys. I thought a simple RAID solution was the way to go too, but i think the client wants a software package to do everthing for them as a bit of an instant safety net. I am looking into your suggestions as we speak. Thanks again for the ideas, they have been very helpful. Regards John

Valentin, Do you know where i can get more info on WANSYNCServer? I emailed XOSoft a while back asking for more info but have had no response [:(!]. Is it sold through resellers or something?

Sorry to dredge this back up again but XOSoft have given me exactly no information on their product(s) [:(!]. Does anyone have any other suggestions for products similar to that specified above? Thanks in advance. John

Hi, I think mayby www.kloster-import.dk can provide some tools for this. Regards Daniel

Thanks Daniel, I will check it out. Any other suggestions most welcome, the more info i can get the better in this case. Thanks John