Minimum List of Objects for Login

What are the minimum objets whose pemission should be given to a role in order to log with databse login Option for a user by which he can view the main menu. With Regards

What product are you talking about?

Hi, Sorry, i forgot to mention the product, I am talking about Navision attain . With Regards Harikesh

version…??? for financials 2.60 these are the minimum permissions…: TableData 7 Concepto estándar TableData 50 Periodo contable TableData 79 Información empresa TableData 98 Configuración contabilidad Form 330 Menú principal Form 332 Menú contabilidad Form 333 Menú de ventas y cobros Form 334 Menú de compras y pagos Form 335 Menú existencias Form 336 Menú de recursos Form 337 Menú de proyectos Form 5000 Menú gestión referencias Form 5224 Menú recursos humanos Form 5606 A/F Menú Codeunit 1 GestionAplicacion (don’t bother about the descriptions, these are the spanish ones) all of these objects need read and execute permission, Codeunit 1 only Execute Permission. What you basically need, are all the menu forms, codeunit 1 and the tabledata of the records that you need in codeunit 1. If you are talking about Attain, you need to add the menus of the other modules (Service Mngt, Manufacturing, Warehouse Mngt.) Saludos Nils

In NAvision Attain, The role ‘All’ is to be given to all users. It gives access to main menu & subsequent menu screens.But no permissions to even view any transaction screen. Hope this answers your question. Regards, Dharmendra Desai