Minimum Inventory requirements impacting Future Messaging


We are trying to apply minimum inventory levels by warehouse in AX 2012 r2.

When we apply the minimums it appears that future messages are created to delay the ship date of sales orders in order to maintain the minimum stock requirement.

The minimum is prioritised above the sales order!

Can this be changed so that sales order ship dates are prioritised over the minimum inventory requirements where there is insufficient inventory?

You would need to tell us your version, your configuration, show us the net requirements etc.

I mean if you have 4 in stock and you set the minimum to 10 it will want you to get to the minimum as per the setting on the item coverage for fulfillment. The sales order should fit into the net requiremetns, if you have 12 and the minimum is 10 and you have a sales order for 5 in 2 weeks the fulfillment will be in 2 weeks. That is the way it works as standard.