Minimize DOS-Box

Hey, I need a list of the files in a directory on the network. To get this list I use: SHELL (‘c:\winnt\system32\’, ‘/c’, ‘dir y:\ics_mdrs\recv /b > c:\temp\poging.txt’); But while running, the shell-window is in front of the screen. How can I minimize this shell-window while processing (so that I only get an icon in the taskbar)?

You may want to use the File table (table #2000000022) instead! Set a filter on the Path field, and the table will contain all files and folders within that path. Kind regards, Jan Hoek

I don’t have a table ‘File’. So I would like to keep using this Dos-commands. Is there no other way to minimize the dos-boxes?

I am not aware of any way to minimize DOS boxes. Please reconsider using the File table, since it is by far the most elegant way of handling a situation like this in C/SIDE. As you correctly stated, the File table is not directly visible in the Object Designer. If you want to explore its possibilities, you can create a form based on this table. Kind regards, Jan Hoek Edited by - jhoek on 2002 Jun 10 16:52:30

Hi, see the tip of the day on bye Andre

Hey, I tried the ‘File’-table and now I get the files in the directory, but I still have the following problem. I take the first file of the dir and pass it to a dataport to import it. After the file is imported the file is deleted. But the file is still in the ‘File’-table. How can I update this table? And in my directory there are new files inserted automaticly, are these files added automaticly to the ‘File’-table?

Hi Tom, You follow this link (from this forum): It is a knowed bug. You must change to another directory and back to original directory for refresh. Bye RAFA

Thanks for the help! It works fine now!