Min/Max on Master Planning


I’ve a problem about Min/Max on AX Master plan,

when i tried in AX Basic Company (Contoso Company) this calculation is working, the example is :

Item A (Purchase item)

  • Min = 50 Pcs

  • Max = 100 Pcs

  • Stock = 5 Pcs

If i run this, the result for Planed Purchase Order is 95 pcs

after that i created a sales order of this item 10 Pcs, and run this master plan in each company,

and result for this calculation is different if I used standart company (Constoso Company) and my actual company (Live Company),

result from constoso : 95 Pcs → it seems that Result from Min/Max still enough to cover this requirement,

result from Live Company : 105 pcs → it seems that AX counting SO as a individual demand,

my question, Is there any parameter that set up this different calculation?

All of the data created impacts, not a parameter. So look at all of your coverage group settings to start with, they are different.

Is there any specific parameter In Coverage Group to solve this problem?

because i use same parameter for this two kind of this and the result is still different

Nope all parameters would potentially have an impact, and the order modifiers on the item record. There is also teh dimension groupo setup that will impact as well. You need to verify all of the settings. It would be easier if you understood them and what they did obviously. First check your master plan setup, are you checking for stock, then the dimension groups to see how you are referencing stock, then the item coverage setup at whatever level and then finally the coverage group settings at this level, probably starting with the negative and positive days

thank you adam for your advise,

I’ll check all parameter of Master plan for this case [:)]