Min/Max item coverage - reordering quantity when total available is below 0


I am using the min/max function in the item coverage on an item.


Min= 5000pcs


On-hand = 6000pcs

I receive a new sales order for 12000pcs

Total available = -6000pcs

Now in my master planning the system issues an order for the maximum level i.e. 10000pcs.

However this means that my total available will be 4000pcs and still be low the minimum.

I want it to issue a new purchase for max + the negative quantity in total availble i.e. 16000pcs.

Is this possible?

If yes then how?



What version are you on? What is your coverage group type?

Try leaving the MAX quantity blank

You cannot if the policy is MIN/MAX [:D]

Correct Adamroue… then maybe Bjarke can combine a different coverage method, like Period with a minimum of 5000pcs, then master planning would suggest a planned order when going below the minimum with the necessary quantity to cover the period.

(I’m assuming he has a MIN/MAX coverage method)

I think he has a requirement coverage method called min/max [:D]

Thanks for the fast response.

We are running AX12 R1.

Coverage code: Min/max

Can you screen print the item coverage group settings and the net requirements.


hi… for m it is giving result as per u want…

it is raising planned PO for=max +|qty on hand-SO qty|


I have created ONE BOM, having 2 items (Say X and Y).

‘X’ item has Min-Max item coverage with Min-max Coverage group. I set Min qty as 40. Also having on hand inventory =50

For main BOM I have assigned Required Coverage group.


When I am raising SO for Main BOM… say for Qty 20…and after running Explosion… it is showing following results

for Y item : Planed PO of 20 qty

For X items: On hand (50) 20 ------// So here it is consuming from available On hand that is correct. But What about to maintain Minimum qty mentioned in Coverage group.


But when I raised SO for qty more than on hand (ie 50)… It is calculating perfect as per (qty-Onhand)+Minimum qty.


Where have you defined the minimum - warehouse level?

Where is the BOM consuming from?

Are you running the explosion on the sales line?

Can you explain your scenario a little clearer as I am not 100% clear on the issue.