Migration Problem


Good Day to ALL!

We migrated the details for the fixed asset card from an excel file. It was uploaded succesfully so we hoped that when we run the calculate depreciation batch job it will post entries on the FA g/l journal. But it didn’t. We tried creating new fixed asset manually. and run the batch job again. It did post entries on the FA g/l journal. Aside from that, we activated the change log feature of NAV so that all the changes made in fa data will log in the system. then we tried migrating again a new fixed asset. the masterfile was updated but the changes was the change log table wasn’t updated. we created another new fa manually. it was then that the change log table was updated. There is something wrong with the migration?



1 - Compare all the fields between the “imported” FA and one that is created manually. Check the posting groups and make sure that you have posted an acquisition cost for the imported FA. How can you calculate depreciation when book value is zero? The NBV of the FA is the sume of all ledger entries = acquisition less depreciation. Have you set the FA Posting Groups?

2 - Change log update is not automatic in objects. You would have to code that into the Dataport - I’m sure that you can find how to do that in another posting. The Change log function from standard Forms is automatic.

Suggest that you also check inthe standard demonstration company Cronus to see how the FA machine is working.

Good luck.