Migration problem AX 4.0 (SP2) on Oracle to a SQL server platform

I’m facing a problem with MS Dynamics AX 4.0 SP2 while I migrate data from oracle (version 10) to SQL Server 2008 R2 and I am using SSMA tool to transfer data.

The AX system with Oracle is customized in 3 layers ‘var’, ‘cus’, ‘usr’. I have already done these below steps:

  • Install new AX system with fresh SQL Server database
  • Copy the all application files from the current system to the new system

This works for create new schema of table when I synchronize dictionary on AX system.

When I compare schema of some tables in SQL Server with Oracle, I have found that there are some columns that have disappeared in SQL Server.

The reason is if not match schema together, we can’t migration data from Oracle to SQL Server.

Could you please help me with problem?

I have the same problem when migrate data from Oracle to SQL.

Have anybody know the reason why this issue happens?

Many thanks! [:)]

Can you be more specific? Which fields are you missing?

Have you installed exactly the same version of AX?