Migration paths from webshop

What is the preferred target architecture when converting a webshop to Attain 3.70. We are thinking of using commerce server without commerce portal but Navision tells us that migration to commerce portal is much better way to go. Does anyone know what the advantages are when using commerce portal?[:I] The current webshop provides e-commerce possibilities for multiple web sites (multiple catalogs, multiples sets of asp -pages). The orders are not handled within Navision but in a different database. The items in the catalogs (a fairly simple catalogue, without any analysis needed without campaigns etc.) are currently maintained within navision and user authenthication is performed outside of Navision. Thanks for sharing your experiences.[^]

the benefit is to set the web sites in navision. the benefit is to have a interface which works in real time in both sides. the benefit is to use business logic in navison. there are a lot more concerning performance and security. i suggest you should contact your NSC for a demonstration of the commerce portal. There are also some white paper which could be interesting to you.