Migration from Microsoft Dynamics GP to Microsoft Dynamics Ax

Hi All,

I’m given a task of migration of GPs inventory and financials modules to MS Ax. I request your valuable suggestions and guidance. If you have any links, articles, information about what needs to be taken care of while moving data from GP to Ax or how the task could be done efficiently then please post them here. I have created a thread for suggestions in the GP forums too, and I will update this thread with every valuable information.

You can visit the GP thread here.


You have not mentioned version of DAX. Also it is not clear how experienced you are in AX. But having did migration from Nav to DAX 2012 and previous data migrations in various versions of DAX, I have given high level process below -

  1. Focus on getting the actual process defined in DAX and signed off as business processes define data migration scope
  2. Time should be then spent on understanding the functionality from technical standpoint (understand tables, relations, methodology and tools to populate tables etc)
  3. Based on above understanding, scope of data migration should be defined clearly and signed off by customer
  4. Only after then data migration exercise should be kicked off

If you are planning to migrate data into DAX 2012, then I would suggest using AIF as tool. If you search here, you will find the tool which I uploaded recently.

Last but not least, since data migration is iterative process the tools should be designed/written with this in mind.

Please let us know if you have any queries.

Hi Harish,

Tons of thanks for your valuable suggestions! I am working on DAX 2009 and have 2+ yrs of experience in DAX 3.0.

Hope you are referring to the following link? StagingTableWizard.zip

I will go through the documents, follow your advice and try to implement the methodology. I will definitely update this thread with the outcome.

Thanks once again!

Hi Abhinay
Have you found any tool to migrate GP transaction data to Ax?

At that time I used SSIS and MSD 2009 migration tool.

To me it seems moving transactions to AX is going to be very tough. What do you need that level of transactions for? Have you thought about just bringing in master data and using BI to bridge the gap for reporting on transaction history? A friend of mine, Jon Oesch, has written a nice white paper on this very topic and I think it’s worth a look. I don’t know where the paper is other than on his linkedin profile. if this doesn’t work i can try and download you a copy somewhere. https://lnkd.in/buspBmR

Recently I found a ETL components to support this from one ERP to other, just like this requirement. But eventually it needs a deep understanding and knowledge on both ERP’s ,databases ,Master data and Transaction data.
If someone is still looking then the toolkit might help them.
Planning to design few examples when I get a chance.