Migration from Financials 2.6 to Attain 3.10

Hello, Has anyone migrated from Financials to Attain, and can provide cost informations. Id. number of days to migrate compared to number of days to implement Financials ? Tools to do the job… Regards, Fabrice Vanney End User

You will have to provide more information - i.e. how large is the database, how many changes has been made, how many special object do you have (forms, reports etc.) before anyone can even begin to guess about cost and time - and even then the figures you will get can only be very rough estimates. The right thing to do is to get a local NSC to look at your database and give you an estimate. Regards

Hi Fabrice I agree with Tommy, but to give you a rough guide on a site that could be completely irrelevant we found the following: 8 Users on standard db (10MB) running as accounts and inventory in a very cut down manner. Several modified forms and reports. The conversion of the data and reworking of the modifcations we estimated, with some form of verification, would have taken about two days. This did not include the subsequent re-training on 3.10 which they would have required as tehy were serial number users and would had to have known the item tracking system. I hope this helps Steve

Hi Fabrice, We have some 60 2.x Navision clients and my “rule of thumb” is 2 weeks per upgrade. But this is “rule of thumb”. The issues to address include considering the added functionality of 3.x with the modifications made in 2.x. New tables. Conversion, validation and User acceptance testng. As Steve says, training on the new features is also needed so you can participate in the upgrade. Thx Kerry Proctor

Has 3.60 been released in France yet? If release is imminent, it may be better to wait and go straight from 2.6 → 3.60. We’re just about to start a GB3.10 to GB3.60 project - I’ll let you know anything of interest in due course. regards, Adam Seaton