Migrating to SQL 2005


I would like to migrate our native database to SQL 2005. Could anyone tell me the basics for doing this? Maybe provide me with some links.

Thanks in advance!


It’s simple as making a backup and restoring it in SQL Server.
Read 2 documents in client CD.

  • Making Database Backups
  • Installation & System Management Microsoft Business Solutions–Navision SQL Server Option

I assume that you have Navision 4.0

Don’t go to SQL 2005 on anything below 4.0 SP3 (Clients). Also be sure you have adequate hardeware and allow time for performance tuning. You may discover process that work well in Native have problems in SQL.

Also don’t forget the date check before the backup (Migrate.fob)

yeah you can’t just restore a NAV backup on SQL Server. You have to make sure all data types are compatible. Especially dates can cause problems. The ‘migrate.fob’ for your version is used to go through all dates in your database and set them to acceptable values for SQL Server.

Thanks for the replies.

Currently we’re running 4.0 on the clients. Is it possible to run 4.0 SP3 on the clients for testing purposes at the same time? Can I just install the client in a different path or would the be a conflict in regkeys? Also when installing the client we normal leave out the demo database and backup and MSDE. Is that also okay if we go the SQL way?

Last thing - where do I find the migrate.fob and how do I use it?

Thanks again!

SP3 converts the database, so you cannot use iton the same database. The migrate.fob is in the upgrade toolkit.

OK, so is it possible to run both a 4.00 and 4.03 client on a computer?

Is there a special SP3 upgrade kit? I’ve only been able to find for SP1 (http://www.mibuso.com/dlinfo.asp?FileID=522).

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One thing I’d like to add is that you need a developer license in order to do the date fix.