Migrating NAVision

I have a client running the native NAVision database (not sql). Is there any magic to migrating the data to a new server? I’m assuming install app, then copy data. But, before I bid the job, I want to make sure there is no more to it. Thanks for the help. Tim

Hi Tim, no, that’s about it. to make sure how to go about it, have a look at the “Installation & System Management” Manual (w1w1ism.pdf) on the product CD. Cheers Daniel

And first test all functionality before going life, make sure peformance is ok during posting and reporting, printers are installed etc. But that is noting new [:D]

Just make sure the Server is at least as fast as the existing one. By that I mean that it has at least but preferably more RAID 1 arrays. It sounds obviuos, but its amazing the number of people that think adding ram or more CPUs is going to make the systme faster, so they can get away with less drives.

If you are lucky all you have to do is backup the database from the old server, and restore it to the new one. (You might want to take the old server offline when the new server is up and running.) If you upgrading to a new version, you will undoubtedly have to update the Navision software objects and possibly update the data. It would normally be simpler to restore the database first and then upgrade.

I assume you have worked this out by now. If not; 1. Run a native backup of the old database. 2. Create a new empty db on the new server. 3. Run a native restore of the old db to the new server. Once complete the system will rebuild the first time you log onto the new server. Barry :slight_smile: