Migrating from Navision to SQL

We are migrating from Navision 2.00.A (2.00.C US) C/AL - C/Side version to Integral Accounting Enterprise Enterprise sotres data in SQL 2000 database. Basic question is; 1. Would like to automate the comparing of tables/fields & definitions between tables/fields in Navision to those setup in Enterprise, as much as possible 2. automate the transferring of data, when we get to that point. I realize there is not going to be a one-to-one comparison or match/mismatch. From reading fourms, it appears there are tools for comparing/tranfering for migrating from C/AL-C/Side versions of Navision to SQL versions I am thinking these might be handy out-of-the-box, or give a good place to start (even if needs to be heavily modified) Are these tools readily available? Where? Or do we need to purchase from Navision reseller? We have heavily modifed our Navision database, just FYI.

I think that you signature says it all … i.e. moving from Navision to another ERP system. For those non Thermodynamacists out there “Entropy - Order tends to disorder”. is this a sign of where you are heading Michael. To answer your question though, you could do a SQL upgrade prior to converting to the other product. In fact his is probably a worthwhile venture, snce it will make the conversion much easier. Your main issue is going to be trying to get your NSC to help you move off Navision. Unless they also sell the other product.

Hi David Actually, NSC has been quite helpful…well they have are trying anyway. Actually, headed in a very good direction…just a ton of work to be done. So, I am scrounging for tools to automate the process as much as possible. Upgrading to SQL version might be an option except to do it just as an interem step does not make sense. Given our heavy modifications I’m not sure upgrading to SQL version would really save us anything ($ ot time wise) One of the reasons we went with other package is/was If we stayed w Navision, to do what we want to do we’d have to move to SQL version. Other package is SQL too, so no difference on that. NSC agress going form current version of Navision to SQL is not going to be any less work/easier than going to other app in SQL. re: or those non Thermodynamacists out there “Entropy - Order tends to disorder”. well yes that too, but it is more that I am trying to be polite. Symbol for entropy is “S” add a few letters and do a substitution.[:)]